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New businesses have a unique set of issues to grapple with:

* Is the proposed business in synch with the promoters' strengths, mental make-up and orientation?

* Does the proposed business have potential given the changing dynamics in the product market and financial market?

* Where market research is required, define the research problems and issues. Depending on the nature of research requirements, we do it inhouse or co-ordinate with external agencies on behalf of the promoters.

* Assist the promoters in Defining the business concept, Finalising the business and share-holding structures, Freezing on the product / service offering, Deciding between alternate business models, Outlining the entry strategy, Preparing the business plan, Interacting with investment bankers and Finalising the term-sheets, share-holding agreements etc. (We do not directly approach investers / lenders for mobilising finance)

In short, we hand-hold the promoters in all aspects of the business from concept to completion.