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Stratberry Publishing

With SMS language driving the nextgen, knowledge offerings need to evolve.

About Us

StratBerry is a division of Advantage-India Consulting Pvt. Ltd., which has been into strategy consulting & knowledge incubation since 1998. Group company, finberry prepares young professionals for successful careers.

The operations are spear-headed by Mr. Sundar Sankaran, an alumnus of the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad (1986-88). He is also an associate of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, and Institute of Cost Accountants of India. He has held senior positions in former Goldman Sachs associate, Kotak Mahindra and India’s leading automobile company, Bajaj Auto.

Unlike many publishers, whose competencies originate in the printing activity, our competency is knowledge.  Our inhouse digitized knowledge management system complements an enviable collection of books focused on strategy, management and markets.

We believe that sound knowledge has to be the foundation of any credible publishing service, just as good food forms the basis of any restaurant’s reputation. Food for thought?!

StratBerry Services

Learning-savvy organisations engage us as their knowledge partner. This means that StratBerry is responsible for delivering the learning requirements of the organisation for an agreed period of time.


We can support the learning requirements of professionals across hierarchies. Clients can be from any sector / industry.


Given the diverse learning styles and learning capabilities of people at different levels, the forms of learning would vary, as also the delivery style. For instance, the information / knowledge can be packaged into films or cartoons too.


The aim is to ensure optimum learning in the most relevant context.


Some of the typical learning formats are mentioned in the right.

  1. Material for Seminars, Training, Education & Research (MASTER)
    What is common across the following situations?

    • You are a regulater, desirous of introducing a new licensing exam; or
    • You are a company / group planning to have an employee conference; or
    • You are a company / group planning to have an employee conference; or
    • You are a university that aims to develop practical courseware for your learning programs; or
    • You propose a focused research project.

    You need relevant knowledge-oriented content for each of these. We can handle this for you.

    We also support the knowledge requirements of Advantage-India and finberry academy.

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    Select from media – titles which will hyperlink to the relevant pdf files

  2. Corporate Identity Authoring (CIA)
    Corporations and leaders generally use product / service advertising, sales promotion and press releases to reach out to their stake-holders.Corporate Identity can also be nurtured through a management-oriented book on the company / leader. Hence, our CIA offering.Very few companies have taken the benefit of this unique approach to identity building. Notable exceptions are Tatas, Godrejs, Biyanis, HDFC Bank & Crisil in India; General Electric, IBM, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Disney, Cadbury & Federal Express, have done the same internationally. The trend is catching up.A book is a superior means of communication for the following reasons –

    • Unlike other media, a book can give a complete message.
    • The credibility of an independently authored and objectively written book cannot be matched.
    • The company that is featured in the book is in a much better position to express its views on the message than is possible with most other means of communication.

    At your option, the book can be published under your authorship, or with independent authors.

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  3. Berries
    Berries are part of our core concept of learning in parts with fun.The Berries are knowledge capsules – short, simple, to the point, and easily accessible.By bringing in a fun element, Berries enhance the participants’ inclination to learn.
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  4. Outsourced Strategic Management Oriented Smart Information Support (OSMOSIS)
    In the emerging ultra-competitive world, smart information is imperative for strategic management decisions. OSMOSIS helps you concentrate on your core business, while we provide this strategic management information support on an outsourced basis.OSMOSIS ensures that this critical activity continues even if your employees move on.OSMOSIS is customized to match the internal mental models of the client, as well as the external business exigencies. The service is powered by our in-house knowledge management engine.Given our background in strategy consulting, the information will be more application oriented and customised – unlike typical information providers who tend to offer overloads of standardized information.Further Reading
  5. Outsourced Newsletter Service (ONS)Your company has a newsletter. Every month, you rack your brains on what to include for making it more meaningful than a listing of birthdays, marriages and achievements. In the meanwhile, the cost of printing keeps growing steadily, while the cost of reaching it to your rapidly spreading employee force is multiplying.We can manage your problems through our ONS offering. Our inhouse knowledge management engine will add to the depth of your newsletters. You also have the option of sending e-newsletters to your global employee force using our newsletter utilities.You may also like to keep in touch with past employees as part of an organized alumni network. Forward looking global companies are using their alumni network to support recruitment, and as part of their public relations initiatives.ONS will also help you generate branding with your clients.Further Reading
  6. Why StratBerry?
    There is so much of free content on the web. Have you asked yourself…

    • What is the quality of content dished out by under-graduate students and mouse-wives working for content development factories?
    • What is your risk of being sued for plagiarism, if you use such content?
    • How practical is the content?
    • How do you ensure that the content is not out-dated?
    • Do you and your stake-holders want to waste valuable time with such content?
    • Does your target segment bother to read the content?
    • Do you keep telling yourself – I can take the horse to the water, but cannot force it to drink?

    StratBerry addresses these concerns, which are worrying leading companies.